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Kamelot & Seventh Wonder

Since im only a hobby photographer, I’m kind of lucky, because I often get access to photo pass through many of my old contacts and music colleagues. The latest two shows I photographed had the same singer – Tommy Karevik. The bands I photographed were Kamelot and Seventh Wonder. Kamelot[…]

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Close up with Art Nation

Art Nation - Alexander Strandell

A band that I have missed for different reasons every time they have played in Stockholm is a band from Gothenburg called Art Nation. With two released CDs, Revolution and the latest release Liberation, they went up on the stage in Kungsträdgården/Stockholm. It was really cold to be in the[…]

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Smash into Pieces – Acoustic & Digital

Digital 6000

Since photography is just my hobby, I’m very glad that my daily work from time to time in one way or another includes photography.  It can be at an event or a band who are using our gear and are playing in town. D6000 at Harry B James A few[…]

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The girl on the street

A rose to the police

A few days after Rakhmat Akilov’s did his insanely trip with the stolen lorry on Drottninggatan, I decided to walk down the few block from my home to where it all happened see it for my self. I walked down Drottninggatan towards Åhléns (where it all ended). Although I was there[…]

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Digging in the trench with Sabaton and Accept

Where at the Accept and Sabaton gig in Örebro a few days ago. Like last time when I photographed Sabaton I took the time to deliver some extra equipment once again. Last time Joakim got a new capsule for one of his wireless microphones. This time, we delivered a new “short”[…]

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Speed light below zero degrees celsius

Today, I spent some time with my newly purchased wireless flashes and some other accessories. To be able to influence and control how flashes would illuminate the person, I put on a “speed snoot” and a “light sphere” from Gary Fong. Both these accessories were really pleasant and I will[…]

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In the pit with tAKIDA


Some time ago, I was invited to visit the band Takida at their gig in Uppsala. Three other bands played as well, more specifically Stiftelsen, Ryan Star and All is Left. I got time to talk to the guys in the band as well as the crew before the gig.[…]

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A prime lens can surprise you on the spot

Prime or zoom lens I mention in an earlier post that I for the last couple of years only use prime lenses. There are several reasons to that; cost, weight (less glass) and faster reaction because I don’t need to think about cropping/zooming on the spot. I prefer to do[…]

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We are all beginners at start

First post but not the first photos. I started with the fun part and added some of my photos the last couple of weeks from when I went digital with a Sony pocket camera trough Panasonic, several Canons and now back to Sony again, only much better. As I mention[…]

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