A prime lens can surprise you on the spot

Prime or zoom lens

I mention in an earlier post that I for the last couple of years only use prime lenses. There are several reasons to that; cost, weight (less glass) and faster reaction because I don’t need to think about cropping/zooming on the spot. I prefer to do cropping afterwards when I developing and finishing the photos in Lightroom.

When taking slightly larger pictures (because I don’t use a zoom lens) it happens from time to time that I during the developing process I find something on the photo that wasn’t meant to be there. Something that maybe makes the difference between a good photo to an imaginative and a funnier one, something that makes it stand out from the crowd.

An example

I was recently taking few shoots on a bridal couple on the beach. Suddenly I saw another guy through the lens as well. If I had zoomed in on the bridal couple I might have missed him and the extra touch he gave the shoot.

Nowadays I use a Sigma Art Series 20/2.8 (with adapter) and three different Sony Zeiss lenses from 35 to
55. The Sony/Zeiss 35/2.8 is my “to go lens”, very much depend on the size and weight.

I mention above that I want to go for light weight lenses. The Sigma is not a light weight lens in any sense, but I like it and only bring it if I have a proper bag on my shoulder. The bag is mainly not for the camera (because you rarely take any good photos from the inside of the bag). The camera shall always have its place on the right shoulder with the finger on the trigger. The bag is only for extra accessories as an extra lens, small tripod, maybe a flash or extra (thin) gloves if it’s cold outside, which it is today.