In the pit with tAKIDA


Some time ago, I was invited to visit the band Takida at their gig in Uppsala. Three other bands played as well, more specifically Stiftelsen, Ryan Star and All is Left.


I got time to talk to the guys in the band as well as the crew before the gig. I even got an idea from one of the members for a possible new function to implement in their IEM systems. Will se if that’s possible in the end.


In the pit

Started as usual to take photos from the pit during the first three songs. When I was about to leave, someone knocked on my back and told me that I was allowed to shoot from the sides for the rest of the evening.
That is great, because it gives a different picture and angle compared with photos taken from the photo pit.

I like black & white pictures but sometime i use that as a tool to save a photo which is all in red or blue due to the lighting.

Robert Pettersson – Takida


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