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Istanbul - Blue MosqueAnders Glantz is aiming... or just checking the neck.Game over, slightly worn out tennis court somewhere outside Paris.IstanbulUnknown girl in Marseille checking email or facebook.A salesman in GuadeloupeTurkish coffee in Istanbul - Hagia Sophia.The last touch - In NiceUnknown girl in ParisOld man in MarseilleClown in the mirror.Ulrika at the shores of CabourgIn the end of the day... we end up at..Unknown girl from Zoombie walk in Stockholm.Scarry wood face in GreeceA French family... in ParisUlrika walking the streets of Cascais.GuadeloupeThailand in 2017, with the camera on the right shoulder I walk to the beach every day to find new things and objects to preserve on my memory card. As when I climb into the small stream, waiting and waiting.... for the moment to come... when I actually should lie and splash in the sea.Last in lineLike walking on a mirror - in Nice.Old lady in LourdeThe Metro in ParisOld motorcycle in StockholmStockholmVenice BeachStockholmEven Mickey needs a breakOld roof in Nice.I met the band Amaranthe at a festival in Gävle and asked John to act a little bit.Surfing in BiarritzHe really wanted a table at the window, or? In Frigiliana.One of a million... photosNothing escapes my camera when I'm bored. We were on a floating restaurant on the island of Koh Panyi (Floating Muslim Village) when I saw a half-closed door that I could not resist looking behind ..Tram in LisbonAbandoned petrol station in CreteStockholmRich and poor in ParisStockholmLisbonTram in LisbonGirl on the prowl..GuadeloupeBridge MillauIts just scarryTram in IsantbulAsia people checking out Stockholm by bicycleStockholmMeanwhile in Marseille.The Notre DameSooner or later it happens, just wait and see, another furry one that just stumble up in front my lens.LisbonWine tasting in St Emilion.Eiffel Tower at night.AmsterdamNewsstand in San RemoThe Storm  - NiceThe cictern in IstanbulSkaters in MalmöVenice BeachWaiting for a Uber?  This is what you find in the streets of Thailand when it rains a little too much. Jokes aside, sat in a canoe with a camera in my hand and suddenly I saw these two guys on a cliff side and just waiting for something, probably a boat of any kind because there where no other way off the cliff.The coffee guys in IstanbulI read somewhere that one person get killed per hour in the traffic in Thailand. I walked past this place just 30 minutes before. What had happened during that time? Is it just someone who lost his helmet on the fly or have another person been added to the accident statistics?SpidermanAnother picture of a market in Thailand. When you see a convinced old lady with a bicycle walks by you just need go to the side… and of course take a picture.Some rum barrels in GuadeloupeChurch in GranadaIbizaA salesman in GuadeloupeTook this picture to show the difference when adding something small and simple in the foreground, a human. For a long time I did everything to avoid people in the pictures .. Now I do the opposite, which I think makes the whole difference.Superman & ScoobyThose eyes .. Once again, I could not help to perpetuate this moment.StockholmIstanbulNot a real one.. of coureseTours Aillaud - Nanterre outside ParisThe Storm  - NiceNice

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