About me

So what the heck is Life Photography and why

Some background

For not so many years ago I bought a point and shoot camera from Anders OlssonPanasonic/Lumix which I thought was a big step up from my early digital Sony pocket camera. I lost the Panasonic and stopped taking pictures for a while but it didn’t take long time after I wanted to give it a try once again and went to the local camera store and bought a Canon 550 which later was changed to a Canon 60D. During that period, I started to move away from the green “auto” button and half manual mode to manual only mode to push myself to understand the camera better, especially in bad lighting situations as concerts with nearly no light, bad light or blinking lights.

Prime lense

I also for some stupid reason decided to go for prime lenses, which is one thing less to think about (cropping/zooming) and the lenses are often lighter because of less glass.  I also prefer to crop the photo in Lightroom instead of when the action happens. With the lighter lenses in mind I thought, hey why not go for a full frame mirrorless when we are at it. I travel a lot so a small and light camera are preferred. So, I left the Canon land and went over to Sony instead. To be more precise Sony A7 and later also a A7 III.

And why

With that said. To invest in gear and time and only upload a few pictures every now and then on Facebook or Instagram wasn’t the goal for me even if it’s an easy one. I have a bunch picture on my hard drive from my daily life as well as all my travels and decided that now is the time to do something with them. If you were a musician back in the 90´s, hanging in the rehearsal room with friends for hours and later ended up in a studio to put it in print… yea or CD as there were called then, that’s was when the product was finished. So this project is my way of finish it… put them in print fo other to see them.

So, in the beginning of 2017 I did my first print. To pick three pictures for print wasn’t that easy. I went through my hard drive, picked a few which ended up in far too many, so I decided that I need to do something more than just printing 3 of them. In the end I decided to create my own site – “Life Photography” or “In search for the depth of field”. Feel free to browse trough and comment if you find anything of interest.