The girl on the street

A few days after Rakhmat Akilov’s did his insanely trip with the stolen lorry on Drottninggatan, I decided to walk down the few block from my home to where it all happened see it for my self. I walked down Drottninggatan towards Åhléns (where it all endedThe girl on the street). Although I was there early in the morning, there were already many people there for the same reason as me.

The frozen girl on the street

I walked my way along Drottninggatan and when I came closer to Åhlens, I saw in the distance a woman who stood out from the crowd, like she was frozen. She stood still and directed her gaze along Drottninggatan for several minutes, probably much longer.

Thoughts went through my head. Maybe she had she been there when it all happened? Or did she know any of those who were there that fateful day. I stood there just a short while but these seconds were the ones who gave the most impression throughout that emotional day.