Kamelot & Seventh Wonder

Since im only a hobby photographer, I’m kind of lucky, because I often get access to photo pass through many of my old contacts and music colleagues. The latest two shows I photographed had the same singer – Tommy Karevik. The bands I photographed were Kamelot and Seventh Wonder. Kamelot which I have seen and photographed several times before while Seventh Wonder was the first time. When Seventh Wonder was not a real gig but a release party for their Tiara album, I hope I will get the possibility to see them on one of their upcoming concerts.


Some videos from Seventh Wonders release party

At the release party with Seventh Wonder, I also managed to record the songs with an iPhone and an Ambeo Smart Headset. The Ambeo Smart Headset record in something called binaural audio, it’s a more natural version of stereo. Try it with headphones, you might get surprised.