Close up with Art Nation

Art Nation - Alexander Strandell

A band that I have missed for different reasons every time they have played in Stockholm is a band from Gothenburg called Art Nation. With two released CDs, Revolution and the latest release Liberation, they went up on the stage in Kungsträdgården/Stockholm. It was really cold to be in the[…]

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Smash into Pieces – Acoustic & Digital

Digital 6000

Since photography is just my hobby, I’m very glad that my daily work from time to time in one way or another includes photography.  It can be at an event or a band who are using our gear and are playing in town. D6000 at Harry B James A few[…]

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The girl on the street

A rose to the police

A few days after Rakhmat Akilov’s did his insanely trip with the stolen lorry on Drottninggatan, I decided to walk down the few block from my home to where it all happened see it for my self. I walked down Drottninggatan towards Åhléns (where it all ended). Although I was there[…]

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